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Make mo' M$ney with a trained voice! See that figure above leaping with joy? They got over their wait problem + took action.

Is your Voice Costing you M$ney?

You have 2 seconds to make an impression with your Voice. Have you considered that maybe you are not being taken seriously because of your voice? Are you compromising your credibility with vocal and physical habits that are costing you clients? The way you speak and communicate affects your sales. Your bottom line. The more effective your voice, the greater your chances of making more sales and increasing your income.

Clients have reported increased sales by as much as 50% and reported that their vocal stamina and effectiveness improved by as much as 60% (new clients, being promoted, not getting hoarse) after working with Miluna Fausch.

If you are losing your voice, struggling with breathing or vocal production, have a vocal weakness or are fearful of speaking in front of the audiences whom you must professionally speak in front of to earn your living, the key question for you is this: "What is my vocal weakness costing me?"

Ultimately, this is about your impact ... your personal power ... your message ... your spoken word ... your expression to the world ... your income.

Professionally, as "The Voice Healer", I am trained to help you conquer your vocal weaknesses and any anxiety about public speaking that you may have. Thus, I work with you to help you do your job better and be a better person by helping you have better command of your voice. My professional training is strengthened by over 20 years of Performing Arts experience which I bring to my work with you.

Do you make Presentations as a Part of your Job?

If you have a platform and a stage, you are seeking to influence people. You are a salesperson, actor, politician, activist, corporate trainer, realtor, President of a trade association, union delegate, change agent, or lawyer with a message, and it is critical that you speak to win! Your stage may be an office, theatre, concert hall, courtroom, boardroom, the telephone, city hall, a pulpit, or the streets. 

What is the Voice Healer Studio Like?

At The Voice Healer Studio we believe that:
1.  People with a message should be heard!
2. You do not have to feel anxious or ill before public speaking.
3. You deserve to work in a beautiful, clean atmosphere that is free from distractions.
4. That it is possible to communicate with clarity, power, fun, and kindness.
5. That when you change your Voice, you change your Life.

The Studio is beautiful, un-scary, artistic, and clean with a private restroom. Dedicated only to the Voice.  I am interested in you and it's your time.

Why did I open The Voice Healer Studio?

I was personally seeking a different kind of coaching experience, and thought that others would too. Are you seeking private instruction in a quiet, clean, beautiful, professional space free from distractions? How about trying to learn in your home or office-there is interruption and stress. What if you could learn in a controlled environment designed especially for Voice users? A place with a keyboard, stage, pro mic and sound system, video camera, filtered water, free parking, and more?

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New Client Special-give me $99.00 and One Hour and I will change the way you Present!  Call me today.


Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, PhD




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