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Humans are designed to Express! It's in our DNA.

Becoming a great Speaker or Singer requires commitment, and specific focused practice. Are you ready for a different kind of Vocal experience?

In my many years of training as a performer, I ran across some Singing + Acting teachers who left me silent, but I persisted in my search for results.  I found and learned techniques that:

#1  I could understand
#2  worked for me, and most importantly,
#3  consistently worked for my students
#4  fit with my teaching philosophy of results, kindness + musical excellence

Why Dr. Miluna?

Dr. Miluna brings experience + a different perspective to her work. She has extensive training + experience as a Performer and Vocal coach, training in care of the Professional Voice, training in the Brain + the Arts, a B.S. in Music Business, is an Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner, has a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology, and is a partner in a Los Angeles record company.

If you have enthusiasm for growth and change, and seek a results-oriented Vocal Studio, contact me.

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Transform your Voice in 30 Minutes

In this 30-minute snapshot Voice Healer session I will:

  • define the qualities of your Voice
  • uncover 2 things stopping you from "heart communicating"
  • give you your power syllable/pattern to work with to gain more vocal power and heal any emotions through the magic & frequency of sound.

After all, we are energetic Beings. Mostly made of Sound + Light.

$99. We will work by Telephone.

Who are my Clients?

Professional Singers, Professional Speakers, Spoken Word Artists, Teachers, Salespeople, Lawyers, CEOs, Ministers, Politicians and those who know the importance and influence of a healthy, memorable Voice!

Why improve your Voice? 

Because your Voice Sells! The Voice is a Musical Instrument whether expressed through Singing or Spoken WordBecause if you ignore the physical, mental, and emotional parts of authentic communication it's like showing up with 50% of yourself! Clients experience the following: your Voice grows, you feel more confident, you share your message with greater power, you quickly improve your English skills (if English is not your first language), you get the gig, your income goes up, you anti-age your Voice, you are a Rockstar!

What is the Studio Like?

The Studio is beautiful - safe, artistic, and clean with a private restroom.  Dedicated only to the Voice. You will be served a beverage if you like.  There are no distractions. I am interested in you and it's your time.

What is my Purpose?

My purpose is to help you find + turn up your IV-your Inner Voice. To bring my 20+ years of experience in the Performing Arts to my work with you.


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